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." the secretive foreign intelligence surveillance court has approved a request by the national security agency to extend its dragnet collection of u.s. phone records. the office of director of national intelligence james clapper disclosed the court's approval on friday. clapper has previously denied before congress that the nsa collects edge data, but the obama administration has touted a policy of declassifying select information following links by nsa whistleblower edward snowden. snowden continued to criticize the nsa spy programs after receiving an award from u.s. whistleblower's last week in russia. >> people all over the world are realizing that these programs don't make us more safe. they hurt our economy. the hurt our country. they limit our ability to think and live and be creative and have relationships to associate freely. >> we will spend the hour with the four former government officials who met with snowden last week after headlines. they are from the fbi, cia, the justice department, in the nsa. critics of the nsa are using a state highway cleanup program to protest the agency.
's national securities -- security agency could see it stunted. germany's biggest telecom company uses data away. that side of the story tonight. >> inside one of the main offices of germany's largest telecommunications operations, they are coming up with a plan they hope will protect their customers information from prying eyes. deutsche telekom has announced they will only use german servants -- service for all communications inside germany in the future. this is something they would like to roll out further across europe. for now, it will only be here in germany. information, e-mails, phone calls, text messages, will only travel on german servers. this comes out following the revelations of just how much germany was spied on as far as the nsa and british secret services. the leaks that edward snowden revealed to various media outlets. just how much germany was spied on, one leak revealed in the newsmagazine in june shows that there was half a billion e- mails, phone calls, and text messages intercepted in germany in the average month. the announcement has prompted other major operators t
they promised they were going to do. >> reporter: it is the health care law's version of the national security agency, given the steady drip of security problems by edward snowden, it makes gotlieb nervous. >> it doesn't inspire a lot of confidence that the hub, the prter, won't be accessible to a lot of people in the agent see. and the fact that the government is not taking protections for the privacy act just means there will be fewer safeguards. >>pat: it used toe in our nation that people lived their lives, their private lives, behind closed doors. it isn't that way anymore. wendy, does that worry you? >> wendy: you can google anyone and get all kinds of information on just about anybody. but doesn't everybody already ha this information? is obamacare really going to make that uch
for integrity presented the former national security agency contractor with his prize this week in russia. this is the first video of snowden, since july when he was shown at an airport in moscow pleading for asylum. snowden has created a fire storm with his disclosures about the nsa and its surveillance of u.s. citizens. >> people all over the world are realizing these programs don't make us more safe. they hurt our economy. they hurt our country. they limit our ability to speak and think and live and be creative. >> the award was presented by four former u.s. government officials. snowden faces espionage charges in the united states. however, russia has granted him asylum. >>> it could have been a disaster. imagine a pilot's shock and surprise when a plane door comes off in mid-flight. a pilot --- flying a privatt was mid-air... when he notid >>> coming up, what festival organizers here in richmond did after the federal government shut down. >>> we're looking at mostly clear skies tonight in the bay area. if you're heading out, it will be a little bit of a bite in the air. temperatures
of a national security agency operation that never has been disclosed until now. the "washington post" is majoritying that the n.s.a. has been intercepting e-mail address becomes and buddy lists from instant messaging services that was wide-spread practice with yahoo, hotmail and facebook and google. officials and top secret documents provided by former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden. >> home prices are rising and homeowners have been refinancing but plenty owe more than the home is worth. this week this could be help. neighborhood assistance corporation of america is coming back. you may remember the events the past few years saving thousands of homes from foreclosure and if you want to buy a home in the first place they help you get a mortgage. this week, the we vent is held in oakland on thursday through monday. for more information, go to >> for more information on what the roads look like, here is leyla gulen. >> thank you very much. we do have at least 23 trains on bart that are rolling right now. san francisco bay ferry is going to run on a normal schedule today
security agency is downloading your address books and contact list. scott mcgrew with yet another blockbuster revelation from edward snowden. >> it does make one wonder how many secrets that guy has in his briefcase because he just keep doling them out. the washington post reports this morning documents given to the newspaper by snowden indicate the nsa routinely captures and downloads people's address books and contact lists. now, this program is not authorized by the fiza court, so it's only done overseas, and only to foreigners because they're not protected by the laws that protect americans. however, that idea -- if you have ever been outside the united states with your phone, you might have been downloaded or if you know someone in a different country who has you in their contact list, then you probably were too. the scope of it just staggering. just look at this. 444,000 lists are downloaded a day on average. that's 250 million a we're from yahoo and g mail and facebook, and microsoft's hot mail. now called outlook. now, these are not requests. this is nothing being requeste
said snowden was hired as a contractor for the national security agency, despite earlier suspicions among his supervisors that he tried to break into classified computers without robert authorization. unnamed official said the cia sent snowden home due to the suspicions. a supervisor enclosed a report in his personnel file but also described changes in snowden's behavior. i was in 2009, four years before snowden began leaking classified documents he obtained as in nsa contractor. a republican congressmember who co-authored the patriot act is poised to introduce a new bill to curb spying by the national .ecurity agency commerce member jim sensenbrenner helped expand the spying powers of u.s. intelligence agencies under president george w. bush. but he now says the programs have gone too far and that it's time to "put their metadata program out of business ergo the guardian reports among other measures, his bill would limit the collection of phone records to terrorism suspects and allow companies to say how many government requests for user data they receive. highesttagon second- rank
with attorney jessleyn radack and her client national security agency whistleblower thomas drake, as well as former cia analyst ray mcgovern and former fbi agent coleen rowley. they gave snowden an award from the sam adams associates for integrity and intelligence, a group of former cia officials. jessleyn radack describe the impact of snowden's disclosures in an interview with rt. >> it is a dangerous time for whistleblowers in the united states, but the effect -- the snowden effect has been the opposite. we have more and more whistleblowers coming to the government account ability project than we have had before. i think if the u.s. is trying to clamp down and send a message by making an example, courage is contagious. i really think he has had a wonderful effect for the u.s. and for the world. >> edward snowden's father has also met with his son after arriving in moscow on thursday. russian state tv said details about the meeting are being kept secret for security reasons. snowden addressed reporters at the same airport were his son was stranded for more than a month to summer before r
for him. they explained what they found in the documents leaked by the national security agency whistle blower. >> the main purpose of the espionage system is that it's not about terrorism, not about national security, it's about raising the power of the u.s. government. because when a government knows everything that the people think, plan, and communicate, that stages more power and the people who are the focus of spying have a lot less. >> u.s. and european companies have admitted to r50e6g garments froreceivinggarments from a facd by fire at least seven people killed in the blaze which happened in bangladesh on tuesday. it's the latest in factories ins there. here seu report. >> reporter: the fire broke out late tuesday night at a factory on the outskirts of the capital. many of the factories' 3,000 workers had already left for the day. which is why the death toll was low. those caught up in the blaze are thought too much been working overtime. firefighters worked throughout the flight to douse the flame. parts of the two-story factory building were still smoldering late in to wedne
the government reopen to his get it. >>> the national security agency is collecting millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant messaging accounts. that's according to documents leaks to the washington posted by former nsa contractor edward snowden. according to the report many of those accounts belong to americans, the spy agency says that they are using the information to find intelligence on terrorists, human traffickers and drug smugglers, a suspected al qaeda fighter has arrived in new york face federal at that irrelevant orism charges, the 49-year-old was indict today for his correction to the 1998 u.s. bombings in tanzania and kenya. in two on thousand one a grand jury indicted him along with 21 other suspect including osama bin laden. it alleges that as early asinine 93 al-libby began planning attacks against the u.s. in response to american military action in somalia. there was a $5 million reward two his capture, more for you from juan carlos mo ina. >> reporter: we armolina. >> reporter: we are here in downtown manhattan where earlier he was processed as expected to
on or even just composes a message. in a statement the nsa said the national security agency is focused on discovering and developing intelligence about valid foreign intelligence tar wrists like terrorists, human traffickers and drug smugglers. we're not interested in personal information about order americans. >>> dramatic video surfacing of the moment two car bombs exploded right outside headquarters of syria's state tv station. >> that was really, really close. the startled analyst tried to carry organization but eventually did leave the set. the station was damaged, briefly knocked off the air, but no one inside was hurt. some rare good news out of syria to tell you about. after four of the seven aid workers were released. the international commit difference the red cross tweeted they are safe and in good health. they were abducted from their convoy on the way to damascus. the red cross vows to make sure others are also freed. >> continuing our networking even northwest areas of the country to make sure our staff is released rapidly. >> the red cross says it is unsure who is behind
's possible the national security agency knows. another leak proves they have been scooping up that data for a while. >> mr. it's ya -- yahoo, g mail or the ims, the nsa could have troves of information about you and your friends. >> reporter: any time you type in a friend's e-mail, the nsa could be right there watching, waiting and swiping. "the washington post" reports they have amassed millions, maybe tens of millions of your friends and colleagues' personal information. this from top secret documents provided by nsa whistle blower edward snowden. >> he took so much information and it's one thing after another. >> reporter: to size this up we talked to u.s. expert ray locker. >> they know all the people you've been contacting, the people you've received e-mail from, the people you're e- mailing. they know that information. they use that to assemble a profile of the person they're investigating. >> reporter: it's important to note they're not targeting individuals. rather, it's a bulk sweep. to show you the magnitude n one day the nsa collected more than 400,000 e-mail address books fr
substantial this to our country to be shutting down important national security agencies at a time the hands -- and tying the hands of our department heads and professionals we want to be protecting the country. host: you work at the law firm arnold and porter in the sea what do you do there? guest: i continue to work on national spirit issues. or exportns laws control laws, the revelation of businesses for national security reasons. -- regulation of businesses for national security reasons. host: we are taking to john bellinger and taking your comments. david is up next on our line for independents. caller: good morning. i have been trying to get on the radio for a while now. i don't believe that the nsa and the cia needs all the money and all the men they have working for them. i don't believe people like snowden is a traitor. he is a patriot. there should be more people like him blowing the whistle on secrecy. i do believe in secrecy from the people of the united states. it is supposed to be government of the people, for the people, not for corporations -- : we will leave out the cussing
. now according to the walk post, analysts at the national security agency have gathered millions of contact lists from personal e-mails and instant messaging accounts around the world. a spokesman for the national intelligence director's office says the nsa is seeking intelligence a valid terror targets. the nsa uses the information to find possible links to terrorism or other criminal activity. the nsa analyzes the contents to map relationships and connections among various foreign intelligence targets. >>> suspected terrorist abu anas al-libi is in new york. he was captured and questions for weeks on a navy ship. he is said to have helped plan itself 1998 bombings of two american embassies in africa. >>> the trial for the man accused of killing redskins safety sean taylor is finally scheduled to begin. 23-year-old eric rivera, jr. is facing life in prison. he was arrested when he was 17 years old. police say he shot taylor in a botched robbery attempt at the football player's florida home. >>> today funeral sfses will be held for a connecticut -- services will be held for a con
in intelligence award. the sam adams associates for integrity presented the former national security agency contractor with that prize this week in russia. this is the first video of snowden since july when he was shown at an airport in moscow pleading for asylum. he created a fire storm with his disclosures about the nsa and its surveillance of citizens. >> people all over the world are realizing that these programs don't make us more safe. they hurt our economy. they hurt our country. they limit our ability to speak and think and live and be creative. >> the award was presented by four former u.s. government officials. snowden still facing espionage charges in the united states but russia has granted him asylum. >>> we have new video this morning of a boat rescue off the coast of sicily. searchers are looking for survivors of a ship that capsized on friday and 34 people died. the ship was packed with more than 400 immigrants from the middle east. at least 200 people were rescued. this is the second ship wreck in the area this month. >>> happening today in new york, former arizona congress
'd be at risk of tipping into recession again. >> the national security agency is collecting millions of contact lists from personal email, instant messaging account, according to documents leaked to the "the washington post" by former nsa contractor edward snowden. according to the report in the newspaper many of those acts belong to americans. the spy agency says they are attempting to find intelligence on terrorists, human traffickers and drug smugglers. >> a suspected al qaeda figure arrived in new york city to face federal terrorism charges. 49-year-old abu anas al liby was indicted for his connection to the 1998 u.s. embassy bombing in tanzania and kenya. in 2001 he and other suspects were indicted. in the court documents it alleges as early as 1993 abu anas al liby planned attacks with other al qaeda figures against the u.s. in response to american military action in somalia. there was a $5 mill reward for his capture. >> we are in downtown mann hatton in front of the federal courthouse where abu anas al liby was processed and was expected to be seen by a judge some time on tuesday. abu a
deadline approaches. >> your buddy list and e-mail address is at risk. national security agency is collecting millions of contacts from millions of chat accounts worldwide. the agency scraps the lest for hidden connections. is this legal? this attorney does not have a problem with it, bus michelle says this is against thesoleo, says this is against the law. >> first of all, congress did not approve it. second of all, the way that they're collecting this information accounts for the fact that it's not legal to do it in america. that skting for t is accounting that if they did this on american soil, that is illegal. your messages, any of those things, illegal. there is an expectation of privacy when it comes to your e-mail, your messages, your contact book, there is. >> that's part of the illegality, the expectation of privacy. >> i'm not sure i've got an expectation of privacy about something i put online. >> if you want to talk to me about the content of e-mail, i would say there is some expectation of privacy there. but the contact list -- i just really do not believe that the
is currently shutdown. the latest disclosures from edward snowden reveal the national security agency is collecting large flames of fromronic contact list people around the world including americans. according to the washington post, the nsa is harvesting hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant messaging accounts. say theence officials practice would be illegal if carried out on u.s. soil. the collection takes place abroad through deals with foreign companies and intelligence agencies. data from americans frequently leaves the country because companies like google and facebook operate data centers abroad. the scope of the collection is fast. in a single day last year, the nsa harvested nearly 700,000 e- mail address books. brazil has announced government employees will begin using an encrypted e-mail service in an effort to avoid foreign spine. brazil's communications minister says the new government system will become mandatory for all federal officials in the coming months. documents revealed by edward snowden show brazil is the leading target of u.s.
damaged a massive new data storage facility for the national security agency. the "wall street journal" reported ten meltdowns over 13 months destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars of hardware at the utah site. the power problems have delayed the facility's opening. the u.s. commando raid that seized a top al-qaeda suspect in libya is still making waves. libyan jihadists vowed today to kidnap americans in retaliation for the capture of abu anas al- liby. and the u.s. military said it's moving some 200 marines to a base in italy, just in case. in washington, president obama said the libya raid-- and another in somalia-- does not mean he's expanding the war on terror. >> there's a difference between us going after terrorists who are plotting directly to do damage to the united states and us being involved in wars. but where you've got active plot and active networks, we're going to go after them. >> woodruff: the president did not directly address a question on whether the seizure of al- liby complied with international law. more on all this, later. in egypt, the army chief charged t
security agency. meanwhile, snowden has been settling into his new life in russia. his lawyer says he's soaking in russian culture, learning the language and enjoying asylum. apparently he also has a girlfriend. hopefully one who loves to blog as much as the last one. his father, lon snowden, arrived in russia yesterday and according to the russian news agency had a quote, emotional reunion with his son. snowden has just received a prize, a whistleblower award that was presented to him this week by a group of former u.s. intelligence officials, and joining me now from moscow are two of the men who met with snowden. former nsa official thomas drake and former cia analyst, ray mcgovern. thank you to both of you and for staying up so late. we appreciate it. you met with snowden for about six hours, that's something a lot of people, especially members of the u.s. intelligence community, they would really like the opportunity to do. what is his life like now and how would you describe how he's living? ray, then tom. >> we wanted to show support for him and show him that a lot of people bac
, an interesting side effect of that, the national security agency has used the debate in congress to cancel, even its own internal investigation, but the people in the review panel are enumerating. it's quite interesting to see how they -- obama says, yes, we need to have a debate. but at the first instance they can, as soon as there is a distraction, they try and subvert their promises to the public. >> what is next for you, mr. assange? any chance you're going to leave that embassy any time soon? >> well, i would leave this embassy, it's a bit of prison in some way, but i have good people here, but where would i go to? i would end up in the outside world. where you are. but what is happening to the outside world? that's a much bigger consideration for me and my staff and the 12 different legal actions we have going in different countries. but it's a consideration for everyone what type of place is western democracy going to be? is it going to be a place with a collapsing rule of law with mass surveillance of entire populations? or the practical elements of a totalitarian regime, we don't yet ha
or processes. as you know, the national security agency is focused on discovering and developing intelligence about valid foreign intelligence targets such as terrorists, human traffickers and drug smugglers. they are not interested in personal information about ordinary americans. moreover, they operate in accordance with rules either approved by the attorney general or the foreign intelligence surveillance court as appropriate designed to minimize the acwhich question significance, use and dissemination of any such information. so again the purpose here is to discover and develop intelligence about foreign intelligence targets. that is the mission and the purpose of the various methods that the nsa employs. >> but part of what you just said, they're not interested in the private information of americans except "the washington post" says they collect the telephone numbers of americans, street addresses, business information, family information. so doesn't that contradict what you're saying? >> now they've moved on to in over important issue. we'll monitor what they say about the nsa and the
holiday in the philippines, did not cause a tsunami. >>> it's being reported that national security agency has collected millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant messaging accounts around the world including those of americans. that's according to the washington post which says it learned about the effort from secret documents provided by former nsa contractor edward snowden. they intercept hundreds of thousands of e-mail address books every day from private accounts on yahoo, gmail, facebook and hot mail. it's part of the effort to find links to terrorism. >>> now to our continuing coverage of the government shutdown. the senate says it's close to finalizing a deal that would reopen the government and includes the country's borrowing limit. but there's a chance it won't pass before thursday's debt ceiling deadline. ktvu's kyla campbell is in our washington d. c. newsroom following all of this explaining what it means for you and your money. >> reporter: pam, the senate hopes to vote on this plan by tomorrow, and if the house does not get to it by thursday analysts believ
brought to manhattan. there's yet another revelation about surveillance by the national security agency. the "washington post" reported today the n.s.a. has collected millions of contact lists from e-mail and online chats, including the records of many americans. the report cited documents leaked by former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden. new negotiations opened today on iran's nuclear program. there was guarded optimism about making progress, but no immediate breakthrough. the newshour's chief foreign correspondent margaret warner reports. woodruff: to end the stalemate over its nuclear program at an hour-long session in geneva with the u.s. and five other powers. diplomats said foreign minister used powerpoint to lay out iran's vision of how to assure the west that iran's program is only for peaceful energy use and relief from crushing international sanctions in return. iran's deputy foreign minister speaking afterwards gave no details but suggested iran wants the agreement on a shape of a final deal before taking interim requests. >> we want to see a specific time frame from both si
the reach of the national security agency. new documents leaked by the fugitive edward snowden show that the spy agency has swept up hundreds of millions of e-mail and messaging contacts. many of them american citizens. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with the details. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, george. snowden reportedly promised the russians he would stop the embarrassing leaks about the u.s. spy programs while he was in his safe haven there. but this morning's revelations in "the washington post," are based almost entirely on documents he gave to "the washington post." "the post" reported that the nsa, the national security agency, has been secretly collecting and storing what it terms as hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal e-mails and instant messaging accounts around the world, many of them belonging to americans. according to "the post," during a single day last year, the nsa special source operations branch collected more than 440,000 e-mail addresses from yahoo!. 82,000 from facebook. 33,000 from g mail. >> it's
but national security is a big part of that. i want to know why there is not program set up for the national security, an important agency like the department of defense and things like that, so that when there is a shutdown of the government, those agencies still continue to be able to do their jobs and take care of the business of the security of the nation. host: before you go, was her husband furloughed? caller: yes. he went back on monday because they determined that his job was absolutely imperative an important. my husband works with the readiness and training programs, and he prepares all the weapons. host: john bellinger, if you want to talk about the planning for the shutdown. guest: tammy, thanks for your call. as somebody who spent much of my career in the government handling national security issues, i hope that the families of those employees in all of these different agencies will in fact make their views known. i know it causes a terrible impact on them personally. if they are declared nonessential, that hurts morale, and even if they come back and are not being paid, and i s
head schmidt. >>> until the summer, many americans didn't know anything about the national security agency. but now after the edward snowden leakings, they have come back to haunt the nsa. >> they saw -- say. they are more tech savvy san createdded a phone app that can't be red by internet providers or employers. >>> sharks continue to stay in the win column. and they make another statement. >>> this woman talks about adopting animals. she climb noose the kennel to live with a dog who is there nor more than a year. at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. er jk jalapeƑos, bacon,, tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu. . >>> thank you, bay area. lynn adams received a didn't thousand dollars check for her charity of choice. >> lynn's leadership and enthusiasm and hard work is why pacifica's beaches are clean. >> other wins received checks for five hundred dollars for their local nonprofits. congratu
government agencies and weakens our national security. there are currently no death benefits given to families of soldiers killed in action. medical treatment for those in the military has been scaled back. and furloughs are creating backlogs for v.a. disability claims. mr. speaker, just bring the clean continuing resolution that has the republican budget number in it to a vote. reopen our government. use the regular committees to work out any difficulties you have with the affordable care act. and please, put america's economy back on an even keel. mr. speaker, i yield back my remaining time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from new mexico, mr. pearce, for five minutes. mr. pearce: i request unanimous consent to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. very rce: words are powerful and words are important. i hear the words from our president and realize that he understands the importance of words also. in the past he's talked about debt. borrowing, and spending, but now he talks about obligati
but serving the nation and serving the world. we are the home to the headquarters for social security. we are home for the headquarters for medicare. we're the home for the headquarterers in national security agency. for the headquarters for the f.d.a. we work together with virginia, e have part of the space agency, in western maryland we have a federal prison. we want to reopen federal government so it serves the nation. this isn't just about federal employees. this is also about local business. and it's also impacting the world. let me just talk about two agencies in maryland. let's talk about the food and drug administration. headquartered in maryland. in a community called white oak. 8,500 employees work there. it is a comeback neighborhood because of the presence of f.d.a. working with n.i.h., coming up with the -- working on clinical trials for biotech products and medical devices. for t alsole is a sentry counterfeit drugs. this is how it's serving the nation and the world. the f.d.a. has furloughed, 40% of the people are furlough. we don't have people on the job monitoring counter
or processes. as you know the national security agency is focused on discovering and developing intelligence about valid foreign intelligence targets such as terrorists, human traffickers, and drug smugglers. they are not interested in personal information about ordinary americans. moreover they operate in accordance with rules either approved by the attorney general or the foreign intelligence surveillance group, as appropriate, designed to minimize the acquisition, use, and dissemination of any such information. so, again, the purpose here is to discover and develop intelligence about foreign intelligence targets, that is the mission and that is the purpose of the various methods that the n.s.a. employs. >> they are not interested in the privacy of the americans, except "the washington post" said they collect the telephone numbers of americans, street addresses of americans, business information. doesn't that contradict what you're saying? >> no, ed, in fact they are not interested in the personal information of ordinary americans. they target foreign intelligence -- their targets are terr
, the national security agency's leaker now living there. could he be reuniting with his father today? phil black has more on this story. >> reporter: he arrived at the same airport his son spent six weeks living in earlier this year. he flew in from toronto, saying he's come to moscow to learn more about his son's situation, his health and legal options. he made it clear he doesn't speak to edward. they haven't been in direct contact and he hopes the opportunity presents itself, they'll get to see each other. he thanked the russian people, the russian president for insuring his son's safety and freedom. >>> a hungarian wing suit flyer has died after a jump into a gorge in china goes horribly wrong. pauline chiou has more on this. >> reporter: rescuers have found the body of victor kovacs. nearly 200 rescuers combed the rocky terrain to find him. an investigation is under way. it's believed he crashed into a cliff after his parachute didn't open. wing suit flyers wear specifically designed suit that slows down their descent but like skydiving, the flight is supposed to end with a parachute. back
to work today. the agency's director says their work is a matter of national security. plus, the ceo of starbucks says he wants to set an example for lawmakers. he'll get a free cup of coffee for anyone who buys one for someone else. there is a support session for furloughed federal employees. to find out what resources are available for them at the juanita shepard park library in northwest. and today we expect house lawmakers to vote on a plan to give military families benefits to help bury their loved ones. we have a live report on the help those families are missing out on because of the shutdown in minutes. >>> weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 1s. we could see rain coming later this afternoon. if you're about to head out it feels cool right now. meteorologist tom kierein is here with the details. >>> yeah, we have a bit of a chilly northerly wind now so you'll need a jacket now, an umbrella later, and a happy attitude, too. it's going to be gray and wet by the time you're heading back home from work and school. storm team 4 radar showing rain advancing into southeaste
of our national security. britain's "the independent" reports that a passenger helps a plane land. it was a bumpy landing but one said the passenger did a remarkable job. >>> the "los angeles times" looks at a new study that says dads take on more house care and child care but they still do less than mom. it's more exhausting than a paid job, and that is true. it is >>> first warning doppler weather radar shows moisture out of the south. 65 is going to be the h >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by gevalia. always rich, never better. gevalia. detective under arrest in the biker road rage case but did he lie to fellow officers about his role in the attack? insider john miller with new details on the case. >>> have you tried signing up for obama care? congress takes aim at the federal health care website today. the rush to fix the problems and the new clues that progress is being made. >>> plus the international artist who counts on the element of surprise. >> reporter: banksy is making his mark here in new york city. we'll show withdrew why som
on the impact of the government shut down on economic security. there will be a speak about the national transportation agency. president obama will discuss options for ending the shut down and raising the debt ceiling. this is a cause of concern for many people. it happens if lawmakers do not raise the borrowing limit? jennifer franciotti is live to explain. how closely the financial world is monitoring the situation. if they do not reached a deal, things could go down, according to a local economist. he could send financial markets tumbling. for americans, it would mean higher interest rates, tightening budgets, and that could cause a ripple effect. less spending could cause a slowdown in manufacturing and that could lead to fewer jobs and a further downturn in the economy. and america has bills to pay. things like social security and medicare. all decisions the president is going to have to make. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. a group of 3000 truck drivers are planning a group drive to washington, d.c., and around washington, d.c., this weekend. there are conflict
think of this as a national health security issue. the cdc is the agency charged with taking all the snapshots we get internationally and from each state and creating a collage or picture of what's happening in there. they sequence viruses so we know is a new or novel virus emerging. they look whether antiviral resistance is occurring and feed that back out to physicians so we know how best to treat or prevent illness. >> and you've pointed out that the flu that came, bird flu that came from mexico erupted in 2009 so quickly. we've already been down for two weeks, going into the third week. these things can change dramatically in just a matter of days. >> absolutely. this is realtime situational awareness. just to elaborate a little bit, go back to february of 2009 when there are a handful of unusual respiratory cases in a rural area of mexico. then in the next few days a few cases in the southwest, then a bunch of cases in the northeast states. if it had not been for cdc, realtime being involved in that and piecing that, stitching that disparate pieces together into some picture
jobs in the private sector because they are passionate. sandia is a national security asset that finds solutions to the most challenging problems that threaten our nation. their work supports numerous agencies, companies and organizations. during the bp oil spill, the employees were called in to cap the well. the work they do is remarkable. 101 1996, it has received research and development awards, oven referred to as the oscars of invention where the nobel prizes of technology. while the national labs have been used carryover funds over the past 11 days, that money is running out. within the last week employees los alamos said they would face furloughs and despite the fact they play a crucial role, the employees at new mexico's national labs are technically not federal employees. as a result, the legislation we passed to pay back pay, which i was proud to support, unfortunately does not protect employees at these labs. earlier this week, congressmen sent a letter to secretary of energy to allow the lab to use their funding to backpay any employees furloughed because of the shutdown.
for the national security. john brennan said keeping the safety agencies will pose a threat to the safety of human life if they kept them at the current levels. >>> government default could effect everything from mortgage rates to retirement plans. here's abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: d-day for default is days away. already the markets are spooked. the dow down 900 points over the last three weeks and it could get worse by the middle of next week. just look at what happened the last time congress flirted with default. america's credit was downgraded and the dow had the sixth biggest drop ever. over 600 points in a single day. a huge hit to 401(k)s and college savings plans. economists are also warning as we inch closer you are likely to see higher interest rates on new mortgages and car loans. nobody knows exactly when economic disaster will strike, but the pain would begin with the fear of default before it actually happened. >> insane, catastrophic, chaos. these are some of the more polite words. warren buffett likened the default to a nuclear bomb, a weapon too horrible to use. >> reporter:
the hearing. second form is calmly known as the rnc and is a key document is by all social security judges. a residual functional capacity describes claims limitation in performing any job i in the national economy. the agency standard intern with a claimant was entitled to benefits. to understand the problem with rfc so that by dr. huffnagle it's important to understand what they contain. for each claimant the odyssey as the doctor determine a few basic things. the amount the clinic would lift or carry, the number of hours the claimant could sit, stand or walk in an eight-hour workday. the rc also required that the doctor determine how often the clinic to perform 22 of activities by marking one of four inches, never occasionally, frequently or constantly. giving the vast range of answer, dr. huffnagle could provide on this form without the claimant would be nearly impossible for the claims to be found with the exact same limitations. this is a two-hour -- yet somehow dr. huffnagle found devastations almost always had the exact same limitations. 90% of the time, dr. huffnagle signed one of
take and who does it? -- it is adent pretty elaborate process that escorted by the national security council staff and there is a director for every region and every country. they will be drawing briefing papers and background information from the state department and the defense department -- from all the relevant agencies of government -- to put into briefing materials for the president. when the president goes off the 20, and it is jammed with world leaders, the real guts of noteting like that is often in what happens around the table but in the one-on-one's that happened around that meeting. the president will take off with a briefing book that is this fat with reading materials. studious about it and i rarely went to a meeting where he had not read the briefing material. the staff knew not to overload him because they knew it was going to be big. even though you think whatever country you are writing about is important, you have to be respectful of the president's time. would read these briefing papers and often ignored them. he would know better than to raise 10 issues with a g
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